Stormie Taggert
Owner – Director of Creativity

My story with flowers began many years ago. When I look back on my journey from then to now, I am certain that each opened door to design was preparing me for a lifetime career in floral and event design. It started at a very young age with a passion of surrounding myself with pretty things.

My first memories of design as a young girl was in grade school. I would paint old Dr. Pepper crates beautiful colors and beg to hang them in my room to house vases of flowers. But my Mother had our rooms decorated like a picture in a magazine and she would not have it. So in the garage they stayed.

My next design memory was in Jr High waiting on the 3:15pm school bell to ring one Friday afternoon. Excited to get home and start a weekend project in the upstairs hall bathroom. My Mother and I picked out this Black and White Poodle print shelf paper that was going to go in the large towel closet. I can see the fancy poodles now with hot pink bows in their fluffed head of fur. I was so excited to have left overs at the end of covering the shelves. I then covered the trash can and the front of the laundry shoot.

We had a rose garden on the side of our house and to finish the bathroom off I cut some roses for a vase and placed them on the sink. The weekend was so enjoyable.

Many years followed me of creating and designing. In 1999 I opened “1 Posh Place“ a French styled interior design boutique where I specialized in custom bedding, textiles, and interior design.

Next to my shop was a Floral Shop. I remember visiting this shop as a small child and just loved the smell of fresh flowers walking in, fascinated by the beautiful blooms.

Little did I know then I would be the owner of that flower shop one day! The shop came up for sale and within a few months we had contractors that created a huge opening which was once a wall that separated us.

We were now one – my boutique and the flower shop. I was as excited as I was about the Poodle shelf paper!

From that moment on I’ve been designing florals, planning and coordinating events, weddings, parties, and photo shoots.

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