Morning Light


The stillness in the morning air and its light reflecting in the studio are blessings from the sun for me to take each day. Its the time of day I often wish I could freeze for just a moment longer.

Mornings are so peaceful and beautiful and pass so quickly.

The morning light changes and the day evolves and through that day there is a different light. Light advancing from the early dawn to the perfect day. As it changes and shadows appear it is up to me to to carry that brief morning light on and in hope spread it to others. I think back to what the first glimpse of that morning light brought me Joy, Peace, Happiness and a freshness almost like a fresh new start. Similar to Grace.

Believe me shadows will come!!  It is all about balance in your day. For it is true too much light can do as much harm as too much darkness. Where ever you find one the other must exist , never one without the other and they balance each other. The shadows of the day will come and 5:00 will mark the end of the work day .  

I often want to freeze those moments as well! 

All while knowing the morning light will come once again and I will have that fresh new start.

Psalm 46:5

God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved ;

God will help her when morning dawns. 

 Psalm 130:6

My soul waits for the Lord

More then the watchman for the morning;

Indeed more then the watchmen for the morning.

Be a light,

Stormie Taggart